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The fall semester has started, good luck everyone!
Courses Glyph


Easily search for your courses and find detailed information about what content areas and competencies they fulfill, which sections are running, and how good the professors are all in one place.

Check out how to use search modifiers

  • Powerful Search
  • Practical Course Information
  • RateMyProfessors Integration
Maps Glyph


Coming Soon

Explore the Storrs Campus and view rich information about buildings and the rooms that are available in them, dining halls and what they're serving, residential buildings and the quality of their dorms, and other points of interest.

  • Points of Interest
  • Building Directories & Room Schedules
  • Dining Hall Menus
Buildings Glyph


See the rooms in which your classes are located, and (if the data exists) detailed info about the rooms such as 360° Views, A/C, what kind of seats they have, and their schedules.

  • Building Details
  • Open with Google Maps
  • Room Schedules
Dorms Glyph


Moving in? Check out what your dorm might look like by looking at other people's images and videos. Also, check out what amenities exist in your residence hall, and what other people think of living there.

  • Real Dorm Images
  • Residence Hall Ratings
  • Amenities & Information
Rec Center Glyph

Rec Center

Planning to work out on campus? Check out realtime traffic insights regarding the Storrs Rec Center, what facilities are open, and

  • Realtime Occupants
  • Traffic Insights
  • Facility Status
Dining Glyph

Dining Halls

Hungry? Check out what each of the Dining Halls in Storrs are serving, and their current statuses.

  • Dining Hall Menus
  • Realtime Status
  • Detailed Information